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Commercial rent for Chicago office space isn’t known for its affordability. As a small business owner, you want to maximize your square footage to get the most bang for your buck, but you don’t want to compromise your brand or your comfort to save a little green.

Whether you’re setting up your Chicago coworking space or renting your own facility, here are eight things it should have in place to help you run your business as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. And just as important, wow every client who walks through your doors!

Create Your Ideal Office Space in Chicago – Even on a Budget!

  1. A fast Internet/WIFI connection – In today’s fast-paced world, a slow connection can leave you a step behind. Be sure to install WIFI from a reliable provider to keep your business running smoothly and to provide your clients with the connection they need when they visit.

  2. A simple organization system – While clutter is often synonymous with creativity, a messy workspace actually increases stress and lowers productivity. Not to mention, it looks unprofessional when clients stop by. Create a system with file cabinets, shelving, and storage that fits your personal style.

  3. The right décor – Your office is an extension of your brand. Make sure it reflects it! Ditch the 80s furnishings for simple, comfortable desks, chairs, and couches with clean lines and modern designs. Instead of stressing over artwork, go with black and white photography that ties in with any atmosphere.

  4. An inviting conference room – When spending hours in a meeting, make sure they’re comfortable ones. Your conference room should come equipped with comfy seating, high-tech capabilities for presentations, and the right level of soundproofing to keep outside distractions to a minimum.

  5. Proper lighting – Natural light is always best for productivity, but if you’re limited on windows, be sure there is adequate lighting for your employees. Harsh, fluorescent lighting increases stress levels – instead, choose cool, blue-white lighting that improves alertness and mental acuity.

  6. An equipped kitchen – On busy days, going out for lunch is a luxury. An onsite kitchen with a refrigerator, microwave, and coffee maker on hand keeps healthy meals in reach and provides clients easy access to drinks and snacks on meeting days.

  7. Copy and printing capabilities – When a deadline is looming, no one wants to run to the printing store. Be sure your office has a WIFI-enabled printer that can print in both black and white and color as well as in a variety of sizes. If it can also scan, fax, and copy, that’s even better. Keep a cabinet stocked with staplers, a hole punch, and binding materials close by.

  8. Easy parking – We know – parking in Chicago is at a minimum, making it expensive for small business owners. However, close proximity to a parking garage or available street parking offers your clients the convenience they need on busy workdays.


Keep it simple – Chicago shared office space for your business

Instead of stressing over setting up your office, let someone take care of it for you! Logan Square Office Space offers all the amenities above (even free street parking!) to tenants who want to invest in their business instead of a facility. With luxury suites, affordable, one-year leases, and a convenient location in the Logan Square neighborhood, we offer a solution that fits your business and your budget. To learn more about securing your office space, contact us today.

8 Items You Need for your Chicago Office Space




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